a Letter from the founder

Five years ago, after two decades spent leading innovation efforts at traditional firms as well as startups, I was frustrated that the gap between the two was still slowing down collaboration on both sides. 
Together with Antonio, I founded Quesnay to bridge that gap and help young companies find ways to work with market leaders in disrupted industries. 
The team we’ve created works every day to connect innovators and ideas to the resources required to realize them through innovation competitions, customized acceleration programs, and amazing digital partnerships.
Jenn Byrne, Co-founder and President

Who we are


Jenn Byrne, Co-founder and President

Has spent more than 20 years leading global business development programs and launching innovative new products as an executive at American Express, Verizon, Hands-On Mobile, CBS, EMI, and Orbit.

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Antonio Baena, Co-founder and CEO

Has more than 23 years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience, starting Quesnay and BPO Solutions and serving in executive positions at EDS, France Telecom, Motorola, and Zed.

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Fernando Marzo, Chief Operating Officer

Business process optimization expert with more than 15 years of experience. Has worked as an IT Consultant for Everis and served at Eurovendex (Addeco Group) and Zed among others.

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Daniel Smith, Engagement Manager

Has spent two years leading innovation consulting projects with Quesnay, focused on partnership strategy and innovation for telecommunications companies and financial institutions, and has five years experience leading a startup. 

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Nataly Sabharwal, Engagement Manager

Has 9 years of management consulting experience working across public sector, telecom, and healthcare clients and managing innovation programs to roll out and scale new services / products.  

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Sungjee Yoo, Innovation Consultant

Has been at the intersection of design and strategy for 6 years, focused on delivering new products. Has three years of experience leading a design startup, publishing three books and dozens of articles. 

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Our Partners

Quesnay’s dedication and expertise helped take our high-potential startups to the next level, preparing and enabling them for commercial partnerships with Verizon and other industry leaders.
— Matt Schwartz, Android/Chrome Business Development, Google, Inc. (former Verizon Ventures executive while working with Quesnay on the IoT Acceleration Program)

We provide decades of experience building and launching digital products and services.  We have the innovation network and industry expertise to help you choose the right partners.