Tap into the innovation inside and outside organization to identify and reward innovative  people and ideas.

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Build, launch, and grow the companies that will propel your industry forward, integrating innovation along the way.

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Respond to the opportunity that innovators create all around you through the right strategic partnerships.

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Customer Reviews

“Not only did Quesnay help us manage a successful innovation competition at scale, but also delivered us access to thousands of IoT startups from around the world.”

Gopal Rajagopalan
VP of Strategic Sourcing, Verizon

“Quesnay was an extension of the PILOT team, managing the competition and guiding us. We’re nearly tripling the size of this year's contest.” 

Sam Matheny
CTO & EVP, Nat'l Assoc. of Broadcasters

“The broad network of Quesnay was able to tap into new audiences and helped us find innovative ideas outside the community of traditional policy makers.”

Ramsey Alwin
Director of Thought leadership, aarp