Quesnay is a growing innovation consulting firm and service provider co-located in Boston and New York.

Founded in 2012, and led by co-founders Antonio Baena and Jennifer Byrne, our team works to bridge the gap between traditional firms and the best innovators and emerging young companies, preparing both sides to take advantage of the opportunities created by the ongoing disruption in their markets.

Three Key Services

Quesnay drives innovation for our clients in three main ways:

Innovation Competitions /
Customized Acceleration Programs / 
Digital Partnership Strategy & Development

Areas of Expertise

Quesnay has built expertise around the following areas:

Insur Tech / Mobile Tech / Fin Tech
Media Tech / Internet of Things / (Other) Partnership Development


Innovation Competitions


An innovation competition is a form of product and business development, which focuses on the creation, elaboration and celebration of the best sustainable ideas, coming from the top innovators.  

It is often an online contest that allows you to market your company’s brand and capabilities to entrepreneurial audiences while incentivizing startups, entrepreneurs, solution providers and partners to engage with your organization in meaningful ways. 

Quesnay and our partners have run more than 400 competitions awarding in excess of $90M in prizes. This experience, and our years spent in complex organizations and at highly focused startups, has given us insight on objective setting and prizing and has led to the development of our 16 module design methodology. 

A repeatable competition process, managed through the industry-leading Skild online platform, leads to unrivaled execution and clear communication across stakeholders, while our strong entrepreneurial network and presence in key innovation hubs ensure that we are able to target your message and call-to-action to entrepreneurial audiences, driving contest participation, brand awareness, and quantifiable results.

Quesnay provides:

  • Strategy & Objective Setting

  • Competition Design

  • End-to-end Program Management

  • All-in-one Online Platform

  • Marketing Strategy, Planning & Execution

  • Participant and Judge Recruitment

  • Training

  • Prize Disbursement

  • Real-time Results Reporting

  • Summary and Recommendations


Customized Acceleration Programs


Quesnay and our execution partners have helped dozens of startups build new commercial and technical partnerships with traditional corporations and global organizations. 

Our purpose-built programs pair business owners within your company with the right level or stage of startup to fast-track product innovation over a 12-week period, including a customized intake process and a client-specific curriculum tied to your objectives and business needs. 

Programs include a set of clearly-defined opportunities for executive and managerial leadership to engage with entrepreneurs and startup teams as guest speakers, mentors and advisors, and culminate with live demo-day presentations.

Building companies and launching new products has given us a nuanced understanding of the pathways to resources and decision makers within large organizations. Quesnay can set specific expectations and objectives with each startup founder that, combined with a rigorous course of study and mentorship, enable your product and commercial teams to do business with them in a matter of months.

Quesnay provides:

  • Strategy & Objective Setting

  • Accelerator Design

  • Curriculum Design

  • End-to-end Program Management

  • Speaker and Mentor Recruitment & Mapping

  • Purpose-built Partner Facilities

  • Logistics and Communications

  • Demo Day

  • Regular Reporting

  • Summary and Recommendations


Digital Partnership Strategy & Development


Our belief is that a company’s success is no longer determined by internal capabilities, but by the expertise and channels of its digital partners.

That is why Quesnay has chosen to specialize in helping traditional organizations move quickly to identify and partner with the top digital companies in their respective markets. 

Quesnay’s accelerated strategy definition, business development, and commercialization programs are designed to identify, test, and launch real product and marketing partnerships in three to nine months. We deliver a complete picture of the competitive landscape, a detailed evaluation and selection of digital partners, insight into potential risks, and plans for the definition, testing and measurement of KPIs.

We have worked independently and as an augmentation of existing client product and marketing teams across industries like insurance, banking, and telecommunications on topics like life insurance, mobile payments, loyalty and offers, digital content, and the internet of things (IoT). 

With a clear understanding of your business needs and an ability to manage work across your organization we set the most effective strategy in motion while our extensive and constantly evolving network of brands, startups, and digital partners helps us to execute rapidly.

Quesnay Provides:

  • Asset & Capability Assessment

  • Competitive Landscape Analysis

  • Strategy & Objective Setting

  • End-to-end Project Management

  • Partner Surfacing & Screening

  • Business Development

  • Commercial Agreement

  • Test Planning and KPI Definition

  • Test Program/Proof-of-concept Management

  • Regular Reporting

  • Summary and Recommendation


Areas of Expertise


Quesnay brings together a team with decades of experience at both large corporations and startups to bridge the gap between the two. In addition to having established repeatable best-practices for corporate innovation processes, we have developed expertise in key disruptive functional areas.


Insur Tech

From new business models enabled by the ubiquity of mobile devices to products supported by the latest developments in data science, Quesnay helps insurers and reinsurers find the ideal digital partners and technology to tap into new markets, attract and serve new customer segments,  improve underwriting, or reduce the cost of compliance.

Mobile Tech

At our core, Quesnay is a company focused on the revolutionary changes being brought to traditional markets through the latest developments in mobile technology and applications. We leverage our fifteen years of telecom experience to ensure mobile network operators identify and take advantage of the latest innovation to better acquire, retain, and engage wireless customers while meeting revenue objectives or reducing costs.

Fin Tech

Moving beyond mobile payment technology and into what’s next, financial institutions are looking for ways to create better value propositions and experiences for their customers. Quesnay helps them understand and respond to the changing ways people are spending, saving and investing their money using digital technology while protecting their identity.

Media Tech

From next-generation advertising platforms to the latest digital formats and channels for content creation and distribution, Quesnay helps advertisers, publishers and multi-platform media companies find innovative partners that will keep their content, data, and distribution networks ahead of the competition in a continuously shifting market.

Internet of Things

Embracing partners in rapidly developing markets for connected healthcare devices, smart agriculture solutions, smart cities, and autonomous vehicles will help traditional technology companies remain market leaders. Quesnay maps traditional businesses to next generation connectivity enablers, products, data monetization models and security solutions.

Partnership Development

More than ever, it is critical that companies look outside their own walls to identify the best way forward. Quesnay helps companies find the best external ideas, talent, products, and distribution partners that, when combined, create differentiated products and defensible positions in highly competitive markets.


Innovation is dynamic and we track industries as they are disrupted and consumer preferences as they change. As a part of the entrepreneurial community we see new trends unfolding and help our clients come away from change as winners.