The Female Founders in Tech program was created in 2017 to identify and evaluate innovative technology solutions and unique talent for corporations while also providing access to capital, mentorship, and partnership opportunities to startups. The program has expanded to include programs in FinTech, InsurTech, Media, Mobility, Smart Cities, Healthcare, and 5G. Each program drives employee engagement, inclusion, and promotes corporate-startup collaboration.

Empowering, engaging, and rewarding experience for all
“What motivated me to be involved in was the opportunity to spotlight female founders around the world.”

Sponsor - Lisa Frazier
Head of Innovation
Wells Fargo
“I got the chance to meet so many awesome women and work with outstanding mentors.”

Winner - Christy Lane
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
“We couldn’t miss an opportunity to be a leader in sourcing and supporting the next generation of solutions”

Sponsor - Suzie Elliott
Chief Human Resources Officer
Farmers Insurance®

Many ways to participate
Fully customize the program to source and collaborate with the stage and type of fintech startups most relevant to your organization's technology, talent, and investment priorities
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Prize Partners
Engage with the rising female founders and offer in-kind support that range from online webinars to schorlarships

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Online Judges
Join our growing network of online judges and gain exposure to cutting edge solutions

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Apply to our FFiT program & receive equity-free cash and myriad in-kind prizes to accelerate your business

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Support Female Founders in Tech series by promoting the program in your social media to help us reach the global audience

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Check out our past programs
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Join our existing Female Founders in Tech programs or customize your own

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Be part of the change
Exclusive Program Design
Customization of program designed to align with company’s objectives, including the topic, selection criteria, and thought leadership focus
Superior Branding
Being a key supporter of diversity and inclusion, visibility in innovation ecosystems, and directly impacting entrepreneurs
Unparalleled Engagements
The opportunity for staff to participate in judging, 1x1 mentorship, industry coaching, and advocating to support women entrepreneurs

Many ways to support female founders
Online webinar

Hold exclusive webinar with the finalists to engage in focused discussions around topics of your choice (e.g., pitching to investors)
Curriculums & Events

Offer scholarships, free passes to events, or access to exclusive network/community to open doors for the aspiring female founders
Resources for growth

Tools/services to support solution development and business growth for entrepreneurs, such as $3,000 worth of Google cloud credit
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Judges play a crucial role in the program by individually reviewing and scoring approximately of 8 – 10 of the startup submissions.

“Judging process was very clear and straight forward, the app was simple to use.”
Mark Berthiaume, EVP & CIO, Hanover Insurance Group
Judge of FFiT 2017
For the past three competitions…
Total number of judges involved
Total number of companies represented

Prizes to accelerate your growth
Cash Prizes

Three winners receive cash prizes ranging from $15K to $35K to help you accelerate growth and scale.
No strings attached.
Partnership Opportunities

The five finalists are connected to Sponsor organizations for potential partnership and investment opportunities
In-kind Support

Past support has included 1x1 legal coaching, complimentary business courses, cloud credit, access to speaking opportunities
“It’s an honor to win. It’s more than just money, it’s the business development, contacts, and partnerships from this community that are priceless.”
Tanya Van Court, Founder and CEO of Goalsetter
Winner of FFiT 2017, Contestant on Shark Tank 2019
Total cash prizes awarded
Total number of registrants
No. of countries represented