Improving Diversity in Tech - Our Life Covered

Who is Our Life Covered℠?

Our Life Covered℠  was designed for women, by women. Their goal is to make it easy and affordable for women to find the right life insurance policy that meets their needs.


Check out their latest blog post that proudly supports the Female Founders in InsurTech Competition.

❝When one group has the potential to make most of the decisions, the interests of other groups may get overlooked. This could lead to a greater lack of diversity which isn’t just bad for all of the brilliant women and minorities who want jobs in the tech industry…it could also be bad for consumers, many of whom are, of course, women and minorities.❞

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About the Female Founders in Tech Competition

Quesnay, an innovation consulting firm focused on accelerating growth among startups and corporations, is kicking off its second Female Founders in Tech competition, inviting all women-led technology startups with a tested product to apply at for a chance to receive mentoring opportunities, as well as financial and marketing support.