Innovation Competitions are a Unique Way for Companies to Foster Innovation and Diversity: Here's How

Quesnay Co-founder and President, Jennifer Byrne's article for Nasdaq Governance Clearance provides insight into how innovation competitions can help companies enhance their innovation and diversity and inclusion efforts.   

Legacy industries like insurance and banking continue to face the threat of disruption by new technologies and solutions. Many corporations are looking for proactive ways to catalyze innovation such as partnering with startups and influencing new ideas from within.

survey by Accenture reports that over 85% of incumbent businesses from China, India, and the U.S. believe that collaborating with their smaller rivals will give them access to game-changing technologies that can help them thrive in technology-driven markets. The majority of companies surveyed view access to new technologies as the biggest opportunity of engaging with small high-tech firms in innovation initiatives. However, many companies don't know how to go about collaborating with startups and small tech companies—or don't go about it in the right ways.

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